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York Probate And Estate Administration Lawyer

Illness and death can come suddenly. No matter how much we have steeled ourselves against their arrival, they can confuse, confound and contort our best-laid plans. When your spouse, parent or other loved one becomes incapacitated or dies, you may not have the time you need to think things through. Often, the people least equipped to make important decisions involving money and property are forced to make those decisions quickly.

Estate Administration And Probate Lawyers Serving Hampden And Surrounding Communities

At the David J. Lenox law office, we have decades of experience in helping clients to protect and preserve their assets. We know that you are in a difficult time, and that you need the help of an attorney you can trust. Retain our legal team, and we can assist you with:

  • Estate administration: If you are an estate holder or appointing personal representative to an estate, we can advise you on managing financial accounts, real estate, trusts and other important assets. We can help you to fulfill all of your legal responsibilities toward the estate while protecting you from legal exposure.
  • Probate and litigation: If you are a personal representative to an estate, we can help you settle it — by collecting all assets, paying all debts and completing the probate court process. We can help also you to probate a will under the supervision of the probate court as well as locate heirs, pay estate taxes and notify parties who have an interest in the estate. Our legal team will also represent your interests in any estate litigation such as a will contest or trust contest raised by creditors, heirs or beneficiaries.

Simplifying Complex Probate Matters

Estate administration and probate are complex areas of law. You should not enter into them without the assistance of an experienced law firm. At the David J. Lenox law office, we have safely guided many clients through these hazards, helping them to fulfill their responsibilities and meet their goals.

Retain our law firm, and we will answer your questions and help you to complete all of the legal steps required of you. We can take the heavy weight of estate and probate administration off your back, and ensure everything is handled to your wishes and according to law.

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To schedule a free, initial consultation with an experienced York probate and estate administration lawyer, contact attorney David J. Lenox online or by calling 717-271-7572. Our office is in downtown Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

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